LiniE is a Japanese jewelry brand that offers not only original collections, but also bridal, remodelling services, and other personal custom-made products.
LiniE means ‘line’.
Our ambition is to be able to connect, through our jewelry and as a ‘line’ would do, Nature, people and ourselves.
The modern and elegant design of our jewelry, made by highly skilled Japanese craftsmen, is inspired by earth breath and the essential beauty of natural stones.
All different, natural stones have been mined for many years.
Our goal is to bring out the unique characteristic of each stone in a modern way, leaning on our outstanding skills and professional work.
We also offer personal custom-made bridal and remodelling services to make it just for you.
“Respect and coexist with each other.
Be grateful for being a part of this beautiful natural world.”
That is what we believe being the beauty of our existence.
The design of our jewelry is also inspired by strong women who stand out from the crowd and who always evolve gracefully in this changing times.
“Sensitivity and boldness. Traditional techniques meet modern sense.” That is our slogan.
The essence of Native American jewelry, which has a deep connection with the natural world of light and wind, is added to our confection. the result is a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and unique.
By wearing our jewelry, we hope making people feel more comfortable and discover a new sense of self while being creative.


▶︎LiniE 15th anniversary movie 2021



  • Founder / Designer
    Fumie Niimi
    Born in Aichi, Japan
    Based in Miyazaki, with an atelier 'LiniE Aoyama' in Tokyo as well.
    Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. Self-taught jewelry artist working as a graphic designer.
    2006 -Launched the original brand 'LiniE'
    2013 -Obtained a first-class of Jewelry remodeling counselor
    Fascinated by the energy/beauty of stones and minerals
    Traveling around the world for snowboarding, surfing and engaging with nature.
    Familiar with Arizona, Fumie selects natural stones one by one with care there and creates jewelry with modernity and natural dynamism.